Letizia Polla Student Board President

Hello students from all the University!! I’m the current President of the Student Board and I want to ask you something…
Do you want to be an integral part of this event that involves many students like you in a unique and special meeting?
Now i will tell you what you can do! But first, let’s start explaining what the Student Board is.
What is the Student Board?
The student board is a set of 5 students all from different European universities, who have the task of collaborating with the other organizational groups to make the event of the Florence Network annual meeting more pleasant and fun for the students.
Each member of the group has a particular task that distinguishes him:
• The President has the role of keeping in touch with the president of the Florence Network and attending the meetings for the organization of the event.
• The Vice-President has the role of …
• The Newsletter Editor has the role of …
• The Academic Committee Representative has the role of …
• Visibility Committee Representative has the role of …
How to become a member of the Student Board?
During one of the days of the Florence Network a meeting will be held between all the students and during that meeting it will be possible to apply for a specific role and in case be elected by the other participating students.
However, it should be specified that only a student who will still be attending University during the next year will be able to apply as a member of the Student Board.
Also remember to ask your University Contact for your application to the Board.
For the rest there are no limitations!!
We are waiting for you! and see you at the next Florence Network Annual Meeting!