Jana Nemcová
Florence Network

Dear colleagues and students, members of the Florence Network,

on behalf of the Academic Committee, as well as in mine name, allow me to invite you to our meeting of members Florence Network, representing teachers and students of higher education in nursing and midwifery.

Every year we expect and look forward to meeting friends on the Florence Network Annual Meeting. This year, the 29’th meeting will take place on May 9-10, 2022, which is also the second, held virtually. We will all miss personal meetings with friends, but in a Covid pandemic situation, the Academic Committee decided to hold the meeting online. The duration and impact of the pandemic on education inspired us on this year’s theme “Nursing and Midwifery education: a new era after the pandemic”.

Education from classrooms and practical exercises had to adapt to the pandemic situation and transfer to the virtual space. The beginnings were not easy and placed increased demands on teachers as well as students. Thanks to digital technologies, knowledge and skills demonstrated, important in professional training, could be conveyed.

I believe that our conference will present interesting approaches and experiences in the higher education environment of future nurses and midwives in an international context, both from the point of view of teachers and students during a pandemic.

We are all well aware that practice in the profession of nurse and midwife is essential. The contribution of nursing and midwifery students during a pandemic is unquestionable. Students were involved in teams testing citizens, helping people provide food and medicine, and engaged in practice under the guidance of mentors. The importance of teamwork between professionals and students has proven to be mutually beneficial.

Unfortunately, not only the Covid pandemic has entered our lives, but also the war in Ukraine, which does not leave us cold to the suffering of the people. Let me express, on behalf of all of us, members of the Florence Network, solidarity with teachers and students of nursing and midwifery, as well as with the people of Ukraine. Florence Network support the end of this terrible war and join in the peaceful resolution of the war in Ukraine!